Overnight Delivery with Online Pharmacies: A Myth or a Working Demand?

When looking through the websites of online pharmacies, you have probably noticed that many of such platforms offer overnight delivery services. Sure, that sounds beneficial. But the question is: do they really deliver orders within such short terms? Let us find out.

Long Waiting Periods – One of the Biggest Drawbacks of Online Pharmacies

No doubt, when choosing an online pharmacy, in the first place, users make sure that the selection of goods is large enough, their quality is sufficient and the prices are low. However, the majority of Internet drugstores meet all the requirements mentioned above. Therefore, customers move to other significant characteristics, including shipping terms.

In fact, one of the main reasons why patients keep on turning to offline drugstores and overpaying is the absence of waiting periods: one just comes to a drugstore and receives medications within several minutes. On the other hand, when one buys medicines online, he has to wait for a package to arrive. And that may take days or even weeks.

Sure, in the case of urgent health problems such delays are unacceptable. One needs to start taking the medicine prescribed straight away or at least within a day or two. Certainly, under such conditions, the majority of customers prefer to turn to offline pharmacies, despite the fact that prices are generally much higher there.

In addition, one should note that in many cases even those patients, who take certain medications on a constant basis, cannot wait for packages for several days. The point is that people are so busy today that keeping track of the supplies of medications may be quite challenging. As a result, a significant part of patients turn to drugstores at the last moment, when there is a minimum amount of medications left.

Consequently, due to long waiting periods, online pharmacies lose a large part of customers.

Fast Shipping – the Demand, Which Overnight Online Services Cannot Ignore

The majority of businessmen, who run Internet drugstores, have already realized that their biggest advantage over other competitors is the quality of service. To form a large client base and to motivate customers to become steady, one needs to provide them with the ultimate shopping experience, which includes quick and convenient international shipping services as well.

That is why, when looking through the websites of most online pharmacies, you will see that they offer delivery within unbelievably short terms. For example, Canadian Pharmacy frequently claim that they can deliver orders to those customers, who live in the USA, within a couple of days or even overnight. You can learn more about common overnight delivery practices on Smartcanadianpharmacy.com website. The point is that Canada and the USA are neighbors, so, shipping from one of these countries to another takes little time. Consequently, you can safely count on superfast shipping, when ordering medications from Canada to the USA, if such information is presented on the website.

Still, when you see that a company claims that it can deliver an order to any corner of the world within a couple of days, it is advisable to take that with a grain of salt and to have a closer look at its shipping terms (as a rule, on the website, there is a special page dedicated to delivery issues). Also, it may be useful to look through the customers’ feedback on the third-party platforms. No doubt, there are online pharmacies that can boast a huge network of warehouses located all around the world, and such companies can really provide shipping services that are incomparably quick. But the number of such websites is limited.

Keep in mind that in most cases you cannot interrupt the course of treatment. Consequently, in the case of any unexpected delays you will have to turn to an offline facility and to overpay. So, it is crucial to make sure that your order arrives on time.

Useful Tips for Customers On Using Shipping Services from Overnight Drugstores

  • Before placing an order, scrutinize the shipping terms of an online pharmacy. Pay attention to maximal delivery terms and make sure they are acceptable for you. It is advisable to count on receiving a package within the longest period indicated for your country and the shipping option selected.
  • Be sure to take into account the prices of different kinds of shipping services as well. As a rule, courier services and overnight shipping are costly enough.
  • To hold control over the situation, choose the services of those shipping companies, which provide tracking codes.
  • Find out whether there are special offers for steady customers or for those, who place big orders. There is a good chance that you will get an opportunity to save a significant sum of money.
  • Do not postpone drug purchases to the last moment. Plan purchases beforehand. First of all, you can try to keep track of drug supplies on your own with the help of all sorts of reminders. But you can also entrust that to a pharmacist, many Internet drugstores offer such services.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter on the website chosen in order to be informed about the upcoming sales and discounts. There is no need to miss such a great chance to save some money.
  • When planning purchases, take into account national and international holidays. During holiday seasons the risk of delays is increased.
  • Keep in mind that there may be situations that go beyond the control of a pharmacy. For example, shipping may be delayed due to customs procedures or due to the fact that your place of residence is distant enough.

As you can see, today, in most cases you can safely turn to online pharmacies and count on receiving medications within a short term worldwide. Offering superfast delivery services is a must for any drugstore, otherwise it is not likely to fight off the competition, which is extreme in this sphere.