Express Family Care FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the question you are looking for or a sufficient answer feel free to contact us with your questions.

What Is An Urgent Care Center?

A clinic that specializes in the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries for patients of all ages. It is a convenient alternative when you cannot get a timely appointment with your primary doctor, you don’t want to wait hours in an emergency department, or your regular clinic is closed.

When Should I Go To An Emergency Department Instead of Express Family Care?

Any serious or life threatening problem including, but not limited to the following: Severe chest pain, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, loss of coordination or sudden weakness/numbness on one side of the body, coughing or vomiting up blood, extensive rectal bleeding, seizures, pregnancy related problems, and snake bites. We do not accept ambulances at our site but if we believe it is necessary for you to be seen emergently in an emergency department setting, we will call for one to transfer you.

Who Will Take Care of Me and What Services Will Be Provided at the Clinic?

We have board certified physicians and experienced nurse practitioners who will treat you in a prompt, caring and professional manner. We will provide diagnostic tests when needed, including lab and X-ray, and have an on site pharmacy for your medication needs.

What Forms of Insurance and Payment Do You Accept?

  • Blue Cross
  • Medicare
  • HealthSpring
  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • TriCare
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Most other commercial carriers
  • Discounted cash payments